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Lantern is a learning management platform that's easy for you and your students to use.
You'll be more productive without getting swamped in settings or a confusing interface.

If you're frustrated with bloated tools like Blackboard then you're going to love the software we built for our school.

Lantern saves us time organizing lesson plans and tracking progress at The Starter League. It's easy to share content, assign work, and communicate with our students.

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Neal Sales-Griffin
CEO of The Starter League

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Here's how Lantern will help you teach your best class.

Icon chalkboardAssign work and track your students' progress with ease

Write, organize and share assignments in minutesYou can focus on increasing your students' potential instead of worrying about organizing and collecting their work.

Assignment creation thumb

Assignment creation thumb
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Maximize your time with students.Assignments are organized so students always know what to do next.It's painless for you to track their progress, review their work, and give them feedback.

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See how your students are progressing all in one place.In a single click, you can quickly discover who in your class is falling behind,who's excelling, and keep notes on each of your students.

Assignment overview thumb

Assignment overview thumb

Icon resourcesShare important files and resources in seconds

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Lantern lets you quickly share files, videos, pdfs and links with students.Resources in Lantern affords a straightforward and easy way to organize and share important content with your class.

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Icon discussionLantern discussions keep students engaged

You and your students can easily create, comment on, and follow discussion threads in Lantern.This allows you to follow student understanding and nudge things along when students get stuck.

Discussions thumb

Discussions thumb

Here's what Mark, an Economics Professor at Northwestern University, thinks about Lantern

"I use Lantern in all my classes. Before, I had used the discussionfeatures in Blackboard and Facebook. In contrast, Lantern is amazinglysimple to use. Students can follow various discussion threads,which forms online communities and encourages collaboration.

Another surprise for me was how seamlessly Lantern handles student assignments.I can find out who has looked at the assigned readings or not with zero difficulty.The result is my students learn a lot without me needing tocollect and return a lot of papers."

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Mark Witte
Northwestern University

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Start teaching with Lantern - it's free to try!

A note from Neal, Founder & CEO of Lantern.

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Dear Teacher,

Three years ago I co-founded a software school in Chicago called The Starter League.class_selectorSince opening our doors in 2011 we’ve instructed more than 800 students from around the world.

We've learned a lot about what it takes to build and operate a school. Most importantly, we’velearned to define and emphasize successful outcomes for our students. But even with our success,one part of our classroom experience was lacking: we didn’t have a good way to manage assignments and grading.

We tried using existing learning management systems, but expensive, bloated software likeBlackboard and Canvas made simple tasks more complicated. When we realized there wasn't a toolthat met our needs, we made our own.

We built Lantern to simplify the learning management experience. Instead of tons of features, Lanternfocuses on the essentials: student-teacher communication, resource sharing, assignment creation and progress tracking.

Lantern saves us time by giving our students everything they need to have a seamless learning environment.It's a breath of fresh air compared to the cumbersome experiences we've had with other tools, both as a student and teacher.

With over a year of testing with hundreds of students and dozens of teachers, we're ready to share Lantern with you.

If you're interested, I'd like to walk you through the app (remotely). You'll see for yourselfhow Lantern will improve your classroom experience and student outcomes.

Thanks for reading,

Signature neal

Neal Sales-Griffin
CEO of The Starter League